Vintage Spanish Flag Spain Metal Oval Pill Case Box

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You're out with your best friend, about to embark on the awesome antique-store adventure of a lifetime - when suddenly, allergies strike. For a moment, it seems your friend's itching, sneezing, and coughing will replace the fun and laughter you had planned. Panic looms. But when you reach into your purse to look for a spare tissue, inspiration strikes, and a cool smile replaces the disappointed frown. That's right. You are prepared. Triumphantly, you pop open your handy little Made on Terra pill case. You've got this. You are the hero this day needs. Let the fun begin.

It's compact, it's cool, it's convenient: our handy novelty pill cases will keep you stocked up on your meds in style. The quality metal and the resin-encased graphic give the exterior a high-end look with that unique flair that makes it all you. Measuring in at a compact 2"" long, this little space-saver won't weigh down your bag. But the interior features a removable divider, so you can use this as a dual-compartment or a single-compartment pill case, giving you the versatility you need to stay organized.
  • Super cool metal pill case with plastic insert
  • Graphic shown is resin-encased
  • Approximately 2.0"" (51mm) long x 1.5"" (38mm) wide x 0.7"" (18mm) high
  • Sold individually